Today, dining is more experiential and more globally-attuned than ever before; it’s no longer just about taste, but aesthetics, appearance and desirability. And it’s not just about food, either; ambience, design, service and experience all play a part in delivering a feast for the senses.

South Sea understands this, which is why we have embarked on an exciting voyage to redefine ourselves for the connected era, combining our traditional strengths – fresh ingredients, culinary mastery and a commitment to bringing great cuisine to life – with a bold new narrative that appeals to the contemporary diner’s hunger for adventure and discovery.

That’s why every experience with us is like a brand new wave, with its own rhythm and movement, revealing something extraordinary and intimately yours – an undulating wave of joy that transcends mere culinary enjoyment. Come be submerged in brand new sensations that go beyond just exceptional dining. Make your reservation here.